How to Buy the Right Binder for Office

An office binder allows you to remove a particular document from a whole stack of documents. Binders come in numerous types, sizes and colours. Binders were first used in Bonn, Germany in 1886 and have ever since gone through various development phases. You need to know a few basic things before you can purchase an office binder which meets your needs properly.


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    Before you buy anything, you need to decide what purpose that thing is going to serve. Same goes for an office binder. You need to decide its primary use. Depending on the primary function of the binder, choose a binder category. Generally, view and non-view binders are used in offices. If you are going to be using the binder for presentations or meetings, a view binder will be best because it lets you add your own cover sheet. If the binder will be used for project tracking, filing or organising employee records, you should buy a non-view binder because most probably you will be storing the binder somewhere safe.

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    Depending on how much you are going to use the binder, choose a level of durability. Of course the price of the binder will vary with its durability level. For light use, buy an ‘Economy’ level binder. For moderate use, choose ‘Durable’ and if the binder will be used excessively, choose a ‘heavy duty’ binder.

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    Now you need to choose a ring shape for the binder. Keep in mind that a binder’s ring shape directly affects the number of pages it can hold. An ‘Easy Open Ring’ features maximum page capacity, easy handling and smoothest page turning. Apart from the shape, ring size affects a binder’s page capacity. Normally, a 1/2 inch ring will hold about 120 pages whereas a 5 inch ring will hold about 1050 pages.

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    Choosing the right colour is very important. At first look, most people judge a binder by its cover. A right coloured binder will leave a positive impression on audience in a presentation.

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    Now comes the final part; price of the binder. Depending on the capacity, level of durability and the material used in manufacturing, an office binder can cost as less as $2.5 and as much as $70.

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