How to Find Writing Work on Craigslist

There are countless people who use Craigslist for selling and buying used items and also for searching various types of jobs. People also look for writing work on Craigslist which serves as a platform that connects employers and writers. In the current era of economic recession, people are looking for freelance work and writing blogs, articles, press releases, promotional content and business proposals have become the most lucrative work opportunities for freelance writers. If you are also looking for freelance writing work on internet then keep reading this article to know how to find writing work on Craigslist.


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    First of all, you should visit the home page of the Craigslist for your particular city which will help you to find your desired work in that particular area.

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    At the home page of Craigslist, you will see a section named as “Jobs” which is near the bottom of the page. Click on this section and you will see another section named as “Writing/Editing”.

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    Click on the Writing/Editing section which will take you to the page of writing and editing work posted by different employers in your city. Try to find the jobs that suit you and apply by contacting to the employers on his given email address.

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    You can also find writing jobs by going to the section “Gigs” which is at the bottom of the home page of Craigslist. It will take you to another page where you will see “Writing” section and by going to this section you will see different writing projects listed by different employers.

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    Read the details of writing projects and decide which ones are good for you. Make sure you only select those writing work that you think is easy for you.

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    After selecting the writing work, you should contact the employer or client on the given email address which is assigned by Craigslist to every client.

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    There are many writing jobs that require you to write sample articles and you should get the regular email address of the client for sending those samples because you cannot send email from Craigslist’s account if your file exceeds a certain limit of space.

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    You should write sample articles for only those clients that you think are serious because there are many people who get writing samples and use them without paying to the writers.

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