How To Deal with Bad Job References

Almost every employer relies on the reference(s) which you provide in your resume to make his or her decision regarding your job. Before looking at your credentials, the employer assesses your potential from your references and creates an image in the mind. If you have any bad references in your resume, it will reduce your chances of getting a job. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to deal well with bad references in order to make your position stronger as an applicant. There are many ways with which you can deal with the bad references and we will now discuss some of the techniques which you can use.


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    You have to select the information for your resume very carefully. If you have worked anywhere before, you will have to mention it in your resume under your experience. Therefore, you must carefully provide the reference to make sure that the person, from whom you are going to have the recommendation, will be fair and neutral in his remarks. You can also mention the name of your supervisor from another department of your previous organisation, with whom you developed a good relationship during a project.

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    You must contact with your previous employer in order to inform him that you are seeking a job. Furthermore, you should also tell him that you have put his name in the reference list in your resume and he may receive a call in the future which will inquire him about you. Besides, you should know about the policy of your previous organisation as some companies just pass a ‘no comment’ remark as a response in order to avoid any litigation.

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    You should know that your former employer is not allowed to pass wrong statements about you because you left the job. So, if he is giving you a bad reference without any firm base, you can sue him for that.

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    If you don’t have a good relationship with your former employer and you are not willing to provide his reference in your resume, you can tell everything honestly to your prospective employer.

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    Even if you don’t have a good reference in your resume, you should try your best to leave a good impression on your prospective employer after the interview.

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