How to Write a Sales Resume With No Experience

Whenever you apply for a job or go for an interview, your resume makes first impression about your personality. Therefore, you must write a good resume if you want a good job. Moreover, resume becomes even more important if you are a fresh graduate and don’t have any professional experience.

If you have applied for a job in sales, marketing or advertising and don’t have any professional experience to show on your resume, you will have to follow certain guidelines in order to make it more attractive and effective.


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    First of all, enter your name at the top of your resume in bold letter and increase the size of font a little bit to make it prominent. Then, write your address beneath your name. Under the address, write your email address along with your contact numbers.

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    Now move on to your personal statement or objective. You don’t have to write long stories in your objective. Just stay to the point and express briefly but in a hollistic manner. Your personal statement should express your inclination towards your field of interest and your passion to serve your workplace with the best of your services.

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    After that, move on to your educational background. You must have done some internship during the last year of your graduation programme. So, mention the details of your internship just before giving the details of your education.

    First, write the name of the organisation in which you did your internship and then provide the details of the functions which you performed there. Explain your duties and responsibilities which you had performed as an intern in a precise manner.

    After that, write the details of your educational background, starting from the most recent. Mention your marks, CGPA, grades along with the tenure of each programme.

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    You have to mention your interests. For instance, you can write about client account management, customer service or customer relations, business development or new sales, marketing, advertising, corporate communications, sales team support, product line introductions, market research, analysis and reporting.

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    In the end, you can write about your personal likings and hobbies, for e.g. if you like playing some in-door and outdoor games, mention them.

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