How to Become a Certified Pet Sitter

Majority of people are fond of keeping pets at home but the problem lies in properly taking care of them. Unfortunately, most do not have enough time to spare with pets and avoid keeping them altogether. The real problem is when you are at work or have to leave town for a few days, the thought of leaving behind your beloved pet can be daunting. Instead of worrying, you can now hire certified pet sitters that can take care of your pet when you are not available. Also, if you love to be around pets and are looking for a career that pays decent money then becoming a certified pet sitter might just be for you. Learn how to become a certified pet sitter by following these easy techniques.

Things Required:

– Certification
– Registration
– Insurance


  • 1

    Earn the license

    On a federal level, the US government does not have any specifics when it comes to the requirements to earn a license for pet sitting. However, various states do have certain laws that make it imperative to have certification before working as a pet sitter. In order to get certification, you can visit the website of the National Association Professional Pet Sitters and sign up to become a member.

  • 2

    Get pet first aid training

    You should order pet first aid DVDs from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. Make sure that you carefully watch the DVDs as this will be your only source for education regarding the behaviour, nutrition and health of pets.

  • 3

    Give ample time to study

    You should not try to hurry for obtaining the license and give ample time to get the certification of becoming a pet sitter. You must realise that it can take you almost six weeks if you give at least 240 minutes per week for the learning process.

  • 4

    Attempt the test

    After you have spent a reasonable time in learning the relevant things, you should attempt the online test at the National Association Professional Pet Sitters. In order to earn certification, it is strongly recommended that you score at least 75 per cent in the test.

  • 5

    Choose a name for pet sitting business

    After you have passed the test, it is recommended that you should choose a reasonable name and location for your pet sitting business.

  • 6

    Registration and Insurance

    You must not forget to insure your business to ensure the protection of your potential client’s pets. Getting registered as a business is also a requirement so that you can legally earn as a pet sitter. It might be a good idea to hire a qualified lawyer to help you get registered and insured.

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