How to Look Like a Bouncer

Becoming a bouncer, and even looking like one is not an easy job. They are heavy and strong men who can beat almost anybody that creates a fuss in the bar, or even at parties. Therefore, trying to look like them, or even being one is a hard job that requires a lot of hard work. In case you want to look like a bouncer, and even want to become one, you will have to work a lot because it is not an easy task and not everyone can become a bouncer.


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    The first and the most important step is that you build up a lot of muscle. As mentioned before, not everyone can become a bouncer. This has been said because not all people are structured in a way that they look like bouncers. You have to be of a certain size, and must have the strength to look like one. Usually bouncers are really tall, exceeding 6 feet of height. Moreover, they have a lot of muscle on them. Therefore, if you want to look like a bouncer, you need to first check whether you have that amount of height and then go to the gym in order to build muscle.

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    Pick up fights

    To be a bouncer you have to be tough. Therefore, once you are done with going to the gym and you are tough enough, now is your time to test yourself. Try picking up fights. You should know that you are strong enough to beat about anybody that gets in your way. During this phase you will most definitely beat people up and even get beaten up. However, in both scenarios, you are the one learning and this is definitely going to help you in the future.

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    Break fights

    What is a bouncer’s real job? It is to stop the fuss going around in the bars or at parties. Therefore, you should learn how to break fights between two or more people. So, when you see people fighting, it is your chance to test yourself and you should go and break those fights up so that you can gain the experience of becoming a bouncer and even looking like one.

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    Make friends

    Bouncers are usually seen together. Therefore, you have to become friends with other bouncer-like people or even bouncers. That way when you will walk with them, people will know that you are from the same crowd and will not mess with you.

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