How to Prepare for a Consulting Interview

Consulting interviews are different from the conventional interviews as you are introduced to the recruitment committee internally as the management companies don’t advertise their job openings. You may have a very good academic background, but cannot get any job until or unless you give a good interview. The interviewer or interviewers judge you on many characteristics which mainly include your communicating and management skills.

If you are looking forward to give a consulting interview, there are a lot of thing which you have to keep in mind while preparing for the interview.


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    First of all, you have to make a good resume and cover letter. Resume is the first thing which the human resource personnel see to shortlist the potential candidates. If you want to get shortlisted, you have to make you resume attractive, concise and comprehensive.

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    Make your resume on a professional layout. Start with your personal statement in which you have to express your objectives which you want to achieve after completing your education. You don’t have to portray big dreams in the statement, just be realistic and a little bit optimistic. Then, write about your professional experience which you gained in your career until now. If you don’t have any professional experience, you can write about your internship which you did in the last year of your undergraduate programme. After that, you have to write about your education from university, college to high school. Don’t forget to mention the years. Besides, you can also include any specific skills and interests which you have. Additionally, you have to make a good cover letter in which you will write the names of your references.

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    It is extremely important for you to wear a proper dress for the interview. Wear light colour shirt and tie along with the suit. Put on dress shoes along with the plain socks. You should also wear a light perfume.

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    You must know the trends of the industry in which the company is operating. Additionally, you must have the knowledge of the company and its operation. Try to grab as much as you can about the company’s business and management as it will provide you some great help during the interview.

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