How to Do an Employee Satisfaction Survey

Most companies value their employees and are especially interested in their satisfaction to help increase productivity and communication. However, trying to get feedback or a general understanding on how the employees are feeling can be a rather challenging task. Making sure that everyone participates in the survey and that the responses are kept anonymous can take some time to organise and execute. If you want to do an employee satisfaction survey then there are some techniques that you can use to help get all the information that you need effectively.


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    Prepare methodology:

    Make sure that you organise yourself by making a list of all the information needs that you require to effectively analyse the data to draw up your conclusions. Design a comprehensive methodology on your research methods and describe the techniques that you will use to collect, analyse and report the data.

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    List information needs:

    Make a comprehensive list of everything that you want to learn from the employees in terms of their satisfaction levels. Be sure to list down all the points that you want to cover and all of the data that you want to collect.

  • 3

    Prepare survey questions:

    Prepare the survey questions carefully. It is a good idea to keep them simple and multiple-choice. If you keep open ended questions then prepare for a lot of different feedback and suggestions.

  • 4

    Give out survey:

    You can either print the survey questions on paper or make it online and share the link with all of the employees. Depending on your technical abilities you should use whichever method you can handle. The benefit of doing online is that the tabulations are done instantly and accurately.

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    Instruct employees on survey:

    Send out a memo to all the employees and request their participation in taking the survey. Guarantee that their responses are kept anonymous and that feedback or suggestions are appreciated.

  • 6

    Tabulate data:

    Once the survey has been done by all the employees then the next step is to tabulate the data. You can use a wide variety of software or if you did the survey online then most of the results will be tabulated for you.

  • 7

    Analyse data:

    With the results in hand you can now analyse all of the data and come up with some conclusions.

  • 8

    Prepare report:

    The last step is to prepare a comprehensive report with all of your findings and analysis. Be sure to include the methodology and other important steps that you used in your report so that anybody can understand the results.

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