How to Become a Loan Officer at a Bank

Banks and other lending institutions offer many different kinds of loans, ranging from simple car loans to multi-million dollar commercial ones. Broadly, the loans offered by the banks can be divided into three different types namely business loans, personal loans and commercial loans. In order to handle the affairs related to the advancement of loans, banks need qualified employees.

If you are looking forward to pursue your career in the field of banking, you can start off by becoming a loan officer in any bank. You don’t have to work too hard to become a loan officer. However, you do need to acquire a little professional experience after completing your graduation degree.


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    First of all, you must have a high school degree to take admission in a college or university in the field of business administration, economics, mathematics or finance. You must be very good in doing calculations. Therefore, you must keep a good focus on mathematics and algebra right from your high school. Complete your graduation with majors in finance from any accredited college or university. Although, it is not necessary to do graduation in finance, it provides you a competitive edge in the banking industry.

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    It is extremely important for you to get sales experience during your internship in the last year of graduation. Try to create practical understanding about the banking operations. You must know how to market the products and services so as to attract potential clients to take loans from your bank. This sale experience will be very helpful for you in your career.

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    Search for a loan officer job in the banks. You can easily search for the jobs on the official websites of the banks or you can visit different websites which keep on posting new openings in the field of banking and finance. Check all the prerequisites of the job before applying for it. You may have to meet some particular requirements of the banks. For instance, some banks require their loan officers to know Spanish and French.

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    After getting the job, you will have to spend few months on probation period. Try to develop good connections during this period as they will provide you great help in your job once you become permanent. 

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