How to Become a Good Leader in Workplace

Good leaders are born. It’s not something you can learn, it’s simply a trait. Even if you do try to learn the traits of a good leader, eventually you will only do what you like and you will only take the right decision if you are good at it. If you believe you have all the traits required for becoming a good leader, only then can you become one. In such a scenario, all you need to do is polish your talents and you are good to go.

In a workplace, a good leader is an absolute necessity. You need to guide your team and your staff and carry them together so they can achieve all the goals and targets that you want them to meet.


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    Firstly, you must reduce the communication barriers. Good leaders are good listeners and extremely good speakers. Open the doors to your staff members. They should be allowed to talk to you. They should be able to communicate all their problems. Once you listen to the issues right at the bottom level of the hierarchy, only then will you be able to lead the whole organization in the most perfect way possible. Your communication skills will matter a lot in this case. You should listen to all their problems and communicate all the solutions that you have.

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    Learn to appreciate. People love appreciation, especially coming from their leader. A good leader will never hesitate to appreciate the people who have been performing phenomenally within the organization. Always go out, smile and inform everyone about that one particular employee who has been doing a phenomenal job. This will not hurt anyone, nor will it hurt you – in fact, it will help you motivate one employee to work hard.

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    Always have a vision. Good leaders, such as Steve Jobs, always had a vision. They always focused on something. Once you have a vision to follow, it will be easier for you to guide all the others to work for it with you. Remember: it’s not always about competing for the vision, but about carrying everyone together.

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    Be an example to follow. Leaders must be the best of the best in an organization. They should know everything related to the workplace and they should know about all the problems within the organization. Simply show everyone how you are the best and how everyone should be like you. Show up on time, leave a little late and work hard. Give them a reason for why they should follow you.

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