How to Create a Writing Portfolio

If you are a writer and want to make best out of this talent then you should create a writing portfolio without any delay. A portfolio is like your business card that introduces you to the professionals. That is why it is very important that your portfolio should be organised and portray full of information about your expertise.

Remember, creating portfolio does not mean just putting your resume and sample work in a file and present it to others. Others will evaluate you through your portfolio so follow some simple tips to create an effective one.


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    Get decent portfolio case:

    First and the foremost thing you should do is to get a decent portfolio case. You must keep in mind that first impression is the last impression so you must present the writing portfolio in proper manner. Visit a local office supply store and ask for a portfolio case along with pages. You do not need to spend much, just make sure that you are picking a decent and presentable portfolio case.

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    Gather your material:

    Next thing you should do is to collect your pieces of writing. Gather everything that has been published in magazines, newspapers or websites. You may add things that you have not submitted to anyone. Make sure that you are picking diverse pieces of literature to show your versatility.

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    Make photocopies of your work:

    After you have gathered all the material, you should make photocopies of your literary work. It is necessary because you will not submit actual printed pieces. The original pieces will be attached to your permanent portfolio which you do not leave behind after the interview. Make sure that you provide A grade photocopies of your published work.

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    Categorise your work:

    Now, it’s time to organise your work. To make it easy, you should categorise your literary work. You can divide your portfolio in different sections like published work, unpublished work, professional or academic work etc. You should organise the material in a sequence and do not ever break the flow. Start with your most recognised work and then place everything in proper manner.

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    Attach your resume:

    Another important thing is to attach your resume for perusal. Make sure that you have provided all the information about your skills and experience. Do not over exaggerate as it leaves a negative impression on others.

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