How to Implement Change in Your Organization

Implementing organisational change can be a difficult task as it is not easy to change the course of daily office life suddenly. You may face a situation where your employees are not comfortable with this sudden change.

Their silence does not mean that they are ready to follow your instructions. It can be their silent protest against this change. Despite their reservations, they will be working for you but the results will be not according to you wishes.

This does not mean that you should not take bold decisions of bringing change in the organisational structure or in the business strategy. All you need is effective communication to implement this change successfully.


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    You should know your employees. If they lack flexibility and adaptability then divide this transitional period in several steps. Do not introduce new plans at once rather prepare the ground first and then direct them to follow the change.

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    Have a detailed meeting with your employees and tell them the reason of this change. Do not play with words rather be honest and give them some rational insight. However, avoid giving trivial details as they will be more interested in knowing what this change is about and what you want them to do. Remember, a logical explanation is very important to keep them motivated.

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    It is always good to explain your point of view with the help of visuals. You may use a projector to give them a clear picture of the change. Make slides and cover all the aspects of this revised strategy. Try to think with their mind and address all the questions. You may give them examples of other companies and tell them how its employees became beneficiaries in the end.

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    Now, when you have showed your cards, it is time to introduce them to a new plan of action. Though, they do not need to know the details of your plan but still they will be curious for a route map which will help them to transit from one point to next.

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    Give them the impression that you will welcome their feedback. This will make them feel that you value their services and they will not get frustrated due to this change. Allow them to ask questions freely and provide satisfying answers.

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    Do not be rigid in your plans. If they have any valid concern, modify your plan as any stubbornness will make it difficult to implement change successfully.

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