How to Become a Universal Studios Tour Guide

If you live either in Hollywood, Orlando, Miami or in Japan and are looking to become a tour guide then working at Universal Studios is where you should be applying.

Universal Studios is known for their thrilling attractions and many tourists from around the world flock there on a daily basis. With all the fun and excitement seemingly never coming to an end, it is definitely one of the best places to be and would be even better if you got paid for it. Getting a job as a tour guide at Universal Studios can be challenging but with some simple techniques you can land your dream job.


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    Determine the Location

    Depending on where you live, you should apply to the Universal Studios location accordingly. There are two in the United States, which are located in Hollywood and Orlando, as well as overseas in Japan, if you are looking to go abroad. Being willing to relocate for the job will obviously put you up as a good and determined candidate, which you should think thoroughly before actually applying. Do not relocate before applying to avoid any confusions and problems.

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    Like many other organisations nowadays, Universal Studios also has its own website and is constantly updating it for their viewers. This includes all available positions that are open in various locations. If you happen to be in the area where a Universal Studios is located, going to their corporate office would be a good idea as sometimes not all jobs are posted online. Having a person who works there in contact could also mean getting inside information on when a job will be coming up.

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    After seeing that there is a position available and you have decided which location you are willing to go to, fill out the application and submit it through whichever method you deem to be best in this case. Wait for at least a week before contacting them about your application.

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    If you have been shortlisted for the interview, prepare all necessary documents and do arrive at least 10 minutes early to settle down and prepare. It should not be tough but you should be a person that can easily cope with stress and maintain a smile while doing so. Remember to study as much about Universal Studios as possible in ask someone asks you  something specific regarding the services that they offer.

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