How to Write a Resume for a Law Enforcement Job

Making an impressive resume is the most important thing during job search. Your potential employer decides whether to consider you a serious candidate for the job or not. If your CV is not covering all the aspects then there is a possibility that you won’t get even an interview call.

Though, the format of resume is almost same for all kinds of jobs but sometimes you need to make little changes. Same is the case for a law enforcement job as you cannot approach the hiring authority in a regular manner.


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    First of all, you should highlight your name on top centre of the paper. Make sure that the font size is appropriate and it is bold enough to be noticed. You do not need to write any introductory paragraph as the basic purpose of your resume is just to give them a quick look of your qualification and experience.

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    After mentioning your name, it’s time to put your educational credentials on paper. You must know that a law enforcement job wants the candidate to have at least post secondary education. Though, there are some exceptions but still it is better to apply after post secondary education to elevate your chances of growth.

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    If you have a work experience then do mention but be strictly relevant. Start with the latest job and keep mentioning till the first one. You must give details of your job responsibilities and achievements. Do not ever exaggerate as you won’t be able to deceive them.

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    If you have experience of working in law enforcement agency then give complete details of your tenure. Tell them how many and which type of cases you handled and what was your success rate. Again, do not try to glorify as such departments always maintain record of their employees and you will face embarrassment in case of any false account.

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    If you got any salary raise or promotion during your last job then do mention as it always leaves a really good impression. In law enforcement agencies, promotion and salary raise are directly linked with your performance.

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    If you have any additional skills, that are not even required for the job, do not hesitate in mentioning. However, you must be a computer expert as law enforcement job involves research, data base searches, surveillance etc.

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