How to Clear Up Office Clutter

An untidy desk with a huge clutter on it does not only look very bad, it also ends up causing a problem for the person himself as it takes him a lot of time to find what he needs on the desk.

If you are looking to clear the clutter on your table and keep it neat and clean, then you need to start working on it as soon as possible without thinking too much about how long it would take you to clean up the mess.


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    Before you start clearing up the clutter built up on your office desk over the passage of time, you need to get your hands on a basket or a large shopper bag. This is where all the unwanted stuff lying on your desk will go.

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    Get yourself a few folders and, if possible, mini-drawers to place your files and important documents in.

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    Next, separate the different paperwork and items on your desk and sort them in piles according to what they qualify as. The clutter lying on your desk will comprise of rubbish, stationary items such as pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpener, ruler, marker, books and paper items.

  • 4

    Once you are done sorting out the clutter on your table, dump all the rubbish in the waste basket or a shopping bag.

  • 5

    Place a holder on your desk and put all your stationary in it. If a stationary item is too large to fit in the holder, place it neatly next to it.

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    If you really need the books on your desk for quick access, set them atop each other and place them in one corner of the desk neatly. Put the largest book at the bottom, while the small-sized books should be on top in order to keep the pile stable.

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    Some of the paper items may need to be kept on the desk. Set them up neatly in right next to the books and place a paper-holder on them to keep them in place. The remaining paper items should be placed in folders if you got them during the second step, or put them in the mini-drawers.

  • 8

    Make it a habit to give the tidiness of your desk some time on daily basis. If you clean your desk daily, it will not take you as much time to clear up the clutter as it did on the first day.

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