Top 10 Easiest Jobs in the World

Nothing in this world is easy and one has to put in a solid effort to perform any task. However, there are a few jobs, which are relatively easier and can be done without getting overly stressed. Although people doing those jobs might have something different to say, yet comparatively speaking, a top ten list of easiest jobs has been detailed in this article. In this list, the nature of the job coupled with the financial advantages has been considered to give rankings.


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    10. Ticket checker

    Number 10 in this list is the ticket checker, who doesn’t really has to do much in order to finish his/her task. There are no set targets for this job and one simply has to sit in a comfortable chair and tear a ticket into half.

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    9. Cashier

    The ninth easiest job on this planet is that of a cashier, who simply has to collect cash, count it and then return some of it back, if required. Although some people find calculations difficult, yet they can easily do it with the help of a calculator and all the advanced gadgets which are available at banks nowadays.

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    8. Babysitting

    Some people might disagree with this fact, but babysitting is not a difficult job at all. All you need to do is look after a child and make sure he/she doesn’t do anything wrong until the parents are back.

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    7. Voice actor

    Being a voice actor is also an easy task, as one doesn’t have to put in all the expressions. You can simply read the script and deliver the dialogues by using the variations in your voice. Therefore, this job is number seven on this list.

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    6. Food critic

    There is nothing better than eating food and then rating it according to the taste. Being a food critic is quite an easy job, especially for the ones who love eating.

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    5. Librarian

    The job of a librarian would not have been easy a few decades ago, but things have become simpler with the introduction of technology. One can keep record of everything on a computer and simply take care of the discipline in the library. This job is number five on this list.

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    4. Newspaper delivery

    Delivering newspapers doesn’t require you to put in any extra energy. It is the fourth easiest job in the world.

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    3. Online surveys

    The third easiest task is performing online surveys. One can simply do this by sitting at home without hurting any muscle.

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    2. Call centres

    If you are a call centre executive, you don’t have to take any stress. If you have got good communication skills, you can perform this job comfortably.

  • 10

    1. Astrology

    The easiest thing on this planet is to become an astrologer. Once you are aware of how things work, everything will be a piece of cake for you.

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