10 Dumb Things People Do in Job Interviews

Jobs these days are hard to find and due to a high supply of job seekers than the actual demand, employers can choose people of their liking for whichever reason. Giving a good interview can improve your chances of landing a job.

However, giving a good interview is an art very few can master. One can never really understand what goes in the mind of a particular human resource person. There are, however, some mistakes that can be avoided and can at least make sure that you end up giving a decent interview and not one that is a disaster.


  • 1

    Talking Aimlessly

    It is quite possible that the HR people may be friendly but a professional line must be kept. They are there to judge you so don’t take them for buddies and talk too much.

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  • 2

    Bragging Too Much

    Know your abilities and show just enough that the recruiters are serious about you. However, do not give a celebrity interview on how good you are.

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  • 3

    Too Many Questions

    Do not ask too many questions about the organisation. The HR people may not like that.

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  • 4

    Laughing Hard

    Cracking a light joke sometimes can be beneficial or giving a smile will not harm your chances during an interviewer. However, it is not a place for hard laughter so always stay composed.

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  • 5

    Previous Job References

    Do not mention previous jobs too much. Recruiters are generally not a fan of these.

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  • 6

    Vacation Queries

    Everyone likes a good vacation and once you get employed, you will know all about it. You can turn the offer down if you do not like it. But an interview is not the place to ask about vacations.

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  • 7

    Policy Talk

    Keep policy discussions to a minimum and only mention it if it is absolutely necessary. The interviewers may bring the topic up themselves at some point in time.

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  • 8


    Yawning can be a total turnoff and shows lack of professionalism. If there is one coming, change your frame of thought and divert your mind to the task at hand.

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  • 9

    Mental Absence

    Forget about other things, you are here for a job. Make sure that you are mentally present.

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  • 10

    Over Confidence

    Be confident about yourself but do not think that you have gotten the job as soon as you walk in. Keep your head level and take it easy. Remember you are in an interview and obviously need a job so always avoid being over confident.

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