How to Serve Multiple Tables

Apparently, it is easy to serve a table in a restaurant but it becomes an uphill task when there is a shortage of staff and you are serving multiple tables. Remember, you need to provide accurate and friendly service to customers as any blunder will not only damage the reputation of the restaurant but also put your job at risk.

Even if you are just serving dinner still you need to take care of some manners to please your guests. Though, it can be difficult to manage everything efficiently but a couple of simple tips can help you.


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    Understand the seating plan:

    The most important thing is how well you know the seating plan of the place. If you are serving in a restaurant then try to find out the corners where tables are close to each other. This will help you a lot in reaching multiple tables at the same time.

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    Take orders first:

    Instead of taking orders from a single table, going back to the chef and then returning to the other customers, you should take orders from two or three tables and then proceed for the remaining exercise.

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    Be personable:

    While customers are waiting for their food, you should keep them engaged in short conversation. However, being personable does not mean that you have the license to be personal. Restrict yourself to professional talk. You can suggest them some good beverages, desserts or anything else but do not try to influence their likes and dislikes.

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    Write it and remember it:

    You must know that you have a zero margin of error. The customer won’t show any sympathy even if you are serving multiple tables. Order accuracy is all they want so you must write all the orders and repeat them to avoid any blunder. Moreover, you should check the order list and the food to ensure accuracy.

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    Set the table:

    You must not wait for the customers rather save your time by setting the table in advance. Similarly, you should clear the table immediately after your customers leave. If you did not have time to do all this in advance then set the tables in between the order and delivery of food.

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    Enjoy your work:

    Do not take this as a task rather you should try to enjoy your work. Be pleasant and mentally present as these are the most important things you need to serve multiple tables.

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