How to Become a PGA Professional

If you are a professional golfer, joining the PGA (Professional Golf Association) will open several doors and the opportunities as a pro golfer will benefit you. Although it is challenging to rise through the stages and become one of a few hundreds PGA professionals, you can follow the guidelines and make your dreams come true.

PGA golfers are quite different from amateur golfers, as they get to play more tournaments each year. Another thing that makes PGA an attractive destination for most golfers is amazing prize money, perks and privileges. You don’t have be a touring professional by joining the PGA, you can work as a teaching pro as well.



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    Hone your golfing skills

    No matter what field you want to go into as a PGA professional - a touring player or a coach - you have to be an expert in the game and this can only be made possible through rigorous practice. During your efforts to become a PGA professional, you will definitely take several training classes, but unless you practice the game yourself at a local course, you cannot boost your interest and passion. Start at a local level and practice golf on a regular basis. Learn the basic rules if you are just going to start your career as a novice. Golf follows several distinct rules and points systems, so you have to be well informed before you join an academy or training session. 

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    Find work at a golf club or a coaching facility

     Remember that in order to become a PGA professional, you will need to have experience as an assistant pro. There must be several golf facilities in your city. You can register easily as these golf facilities usually require golfers without a professional affiliation. After you have worked at the facility for over six months, you can move ahead and join the PRO (Professional Readiness Organization). PRO certificate will help you join further courses and certification important for PGA professionals. 

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    Join Golf Professional Training Program (GPTP)

     This is better for those who want to start their coaching career and have played little as professional players. The GPTP will require you to take part in seminars, and different courses, helping you hone your skills a golf teacher. Be mindful that becoming a PGA professional may take more than three years as there are several phases involved before you can call yourself a certified professional. 

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