How to Become a Certified LPN in Gerontology

If you wish to become a certified Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in gerontology, you must plan your present and future well. With the growing population and advancements in the medical field, there is a growing need of LPN. There are numerous specialisations in LPN which an individual can choose according to his interest and preferences. Not to mention that the need for LPN in gerontology is going to increase over the time period but it is mandatory that you should earn your certification from National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses (NFLPN).


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    Obtain your LPN license

    The foremost step towards obtaining your specialisation certification in gerontology is to earn your LPN license. It is the compulsory requirement for obtaining your license in gerontology. LPN serves as a pre-requisite for the specialisation in gerontology. After you have completed your basic certification in LPN, you must register yourself for the specialisation with NFLPN.

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    Find an endorser

    Now the most important thing is to find a reasonable endorser for you. The endorser can be any authorised individual who willingly writes a letter in your favour. The endorse letter will serve as a guarantee that the potential candidate has not only the dedication and commitment to do specialisation in gerontology but he also has the required skill and education. If you are unaware of the pattern of letter of endorsement, you should check for a sample through your web browser or go to the NFLPN’s website to view it.

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    Choose a proctor

    After you are done with the letter of endorsement, you must choose a proctor for your test. It is strongly recommended that you choose a suitable person from your work place and he will monitor your exam. For this, you will need a sample letter for proctor which you can also search on the internet or view at the NFLPN’s web page.

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    Fill the application form

    Now, you must fill the application form to initiate the processing. It is of utmost importance that you should complete your form properly and attach all the supporting documents that are required.

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    Study well

    After everything is in its place, you should start studying for your exams and work as hard as you can. You should take every resource into consideration and prepare well for your exams.

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    Appear in the exam

    You should conduct the exam after full preparation and pass it to obtain your certification.

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