Website Cuts Out Some of the Work of Online Job Hunting

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, a vertical search engine company is building the largest online database of jobs on the planet. makes it possible for job hunters looking for a new or better job to see every opportunity out there and they say they believe doing something challenging and important doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.

Simply Hired describes itself as a “fun, energetic startup company with a passion for building great technology and for doing things a little differently,” on their website.

Currently job seekers have to go to several different places online to find all the opportunities available to them, according to Simply Hired’s founder/CEO Gautam Godhwani, Peter Weck, founder/CTO, Anil Godhwani, founder/vice president, and Jerry Crowley, chairman of the board. Simply Hired users can perform quick and powerful “one-stop searches” for jobs by entering any combination of keywords and location to find relevant search results.

“We’re kind of like a Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Google’ for a job,” said Kay Luo, online marketing manager for Simply Hired. “We crawl all through the job sites – Monster, Careerbuilder, industry sites, classified ads, company ads. We try and capture anywhere there is a job so that a person can simply go to one place. Most job seekers typically have to go to two or three sites that they rely on to look for jobs.”

On Aug. 4th the organization, founded in 2003, raised $3 million from Silicon Valley Angels and entrepreneurs for the search engine startup backed by a Stanford technical advisor for Google, an Ask Jeeves investor, and a former Apple employee Guy Kawasaki. They called it a Series B round of angel financing. Simply Hired has received $1.2 million in funding from its founders.

“We limited this round to strategic angels and experienced entrepreneurs to focus on accelerating the company’s early growth and market development,” said Godhwani.

With over 3.5 million job listings and counting, Simply Hired, a privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, CA, is the world’s largest search engine for jobs, according to their literature.

Luo said Simply Hired, a free service just like a search engine, has been extremely successful.

“Our goal is really to focus on job candidates,” she said. “Right now we’re just trying to build up more tools for job seekers to find their dream jobs. Now we’re just building tools to help people narrow their search down.”

Simply Hired launched their community on June 24th and recruited Pay Pal veteran Damon Billian to lead online community efforts. Widely known as “Pay Pal Damon,” Billian was credited with changing the face of customer service as the online community advocate for Pay Pal.

On June 22nd Time Magazine named Simply Hired as one of the “50 Coolest Websites” of the year.

“That’s pretty cool,” said Godhwani. “What people really want is to make job search simpler – they want just one place to go to discover all the jobs available to them.”

On April 19th Simply Hired got linked in with the world’s largest business network,, with over three million jobs and two million inside connections, offering job seekers the first “one-stop search and connect” solution for finding a new job. The partnership’s goal was to create the most extensive job search network on the planet. The agreement, which for the first time integrates business networking with vertical search, brings in over three million job listings indexed by Simply Hired to the LinkedIn Jobs network.

“The ability to discover inside connections and obtain referrals to hiring managers has quickly made LinkedIn Jobs the preferred destination for savvy job seekers,” said LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman.

Launched in March, LinkedIn Jobs is the Internet’s first referral-powered job network that connects job applicants with hiring managers, Human Resources professionals, or recruiters representing the jobs listed on LinkedIn.

Simply Hired, which released a beta version of its vertical search engine in March, aggregates and indexes data on millions of jobs worldwide from a variety of sources including large and small job boards, newspaper and classified listings, and company websites. An experienced team of internet entrepreneurs and developers deliver the best in job search tools and solutions, according to Simply Hired.

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