Finding Internships and Jobs for College Students Over School Breaks

I have recently spoken to a number of my friends and now that college has been over since the middle of May, they have been looking for jobs with the summer approaching. Despite their best efforts, they are coming up empty in their hunt for jobs and internships. Not to worry I told them as I decided gave them helpful advice on the matter. As always, I share that advice with my adoring readers and fans like myself at Associated Content. Here it is:

First make a list of any kind of job or internship that you would like to have. At the top of the list should be your ideal choices for a job or internship and at the bottom should be the lowest offer or job you would accept. Then research companies and organization online that offer jobs. Make sure you have your resume and cover letter fully updated.

Looking for a paying job for over the summer vacation can be difficult because most companies do not want to hire someone for only three months. However, for some jobs, companies hire people for a short time span so that they can fill the position of a worker who is taking a few weeks off during the summer. Other jobs like telemarketing pay for the amount of something that is sold such as magazines.

Internship jobs are all very similar. For most college students internships are hard to get. However for anyone who wants to work at an office or firm just to gain experience, many firms hire students for unpaid internships. Other jobs give interns stipends at the end of the working period to cover the cost of travel and food for students. Finally, if you are lucky enough to land a paying internship, then congratulations. It is very difficult to get a paying internship but here are some tips:

I have spoken to many people who have interned at law offices, business firms and other jobs. Most of these places do not pay but if you keep going back to the same place over a winter or summer break each year, they will recognize your commitment to them and they might start paying you. I have known this to be the occasion with several people I know.
By staying with the same firm or job for an internship, you can also get your employer or the people you work for to write you a letter of reference to use to get other paying jobs. In addition, by staying with the same firm you can also create a job opening with them once you finish school that pays a normal salary and work there full time.

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