How to Become an Ophthalmologist

American College of Surgeons define ophthalmologists as practitioners who are medically trained to examine and treat eye diseases and visual issues. In addition, they also conduct surgeries to prevent different eye disorders. Therefore, they are often known as eye surgeons.

If you want to become an ophthalmologist, you will have to work very hard as the competition is extremely tough in this field of medicine. Besides, you also have to complete a full-time internship programme usually known as house job at any hospital in order to get recruited as ophthalmologist or to start your own practice.


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    First, you have to complete your high school education. Study science courses including biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics and try to get as many good grades as possible to help you get accepted in to a college of your choice.

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    Once you are accepted to college make sure to take courses that will help you towards the field of medicine. Remember to study hard as you will need to get good grades to help you get in to medical school.

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    Complete your Bachelor’s programme in the field of science. Try to specialise in biology or chemistry majors.

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    Before taking admission in medical school, you will have to pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). MCAT is quite difficult, therefore you must work hard to get a good score in the test so as to get admission in a reputable medical school. After getting admission, you will have to study for another four years. In the last year, you will have to complete your one-year internship programme with an ophthalmologist.

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    After your internship, you will have to pass the national tests in order to earn a medial license to work as ophthalmologist. Then, you have to start a three-year residency programme.

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    At the successful completion of your residency programme, apply to the American Board of Ophthalmology so as to become a certified ophthalmologist.

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    After getting your certification, you can work in any hospital as an ophthalmologist or you can start your own practice. Remember that depending on the state you are looking to practice medicine, you will have to take and clear a state medical license test. This will allow to practice medicine in your area.

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