How to Stop Hating Your Job

Since childhood it is recommended to children that they should choose a profession which they are passionate about. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes the circumstances of a person are such that he is forced to reside to a job in which he is not interested in.  Leaving for him is not an option. If you are facing this situation and you want to change the hatred you have for your job into love and passion then you have two options: either you change your workplace, or try to adjust.


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    It is important for you to realize that hatred is mostly a mind game. So try to talk yourself out off this mind game. Keep reminding yourself that your job is not bad, you don’t hate it. Talk to a friend or a close family member. Ask them to help you realize your job is not bad.

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    Try searching the good outcome of your job. If you job, for instance, is resulting in the benefit of people and the society, and then keep reminding that to yourself. There is no better satisfaction than doing well to others.

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    If you have a job which is monotonous and boring, then try talking to your supervisor about it. Ask him to practice job rotation with you. That will improve your skills as well as your boredom will be countered.

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    Make friends at work. When you will have friends at work it will motivate you to stay in that job and become a reason to come to the office.

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    If your supervisor is not easy to talk too then try to find methods in which the repetitive tasks can become more interesting.  Find more efficient, simple and interesting ways of doing repetitive tasks.

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    There must be some sort of reason why you decided to take up your job. Every day, remind yourself of that reason. This will further help.

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    Another effective way is to decorate your office in a manner that the workplace becomes more interesting for you. And you start enjoying the environment in which you are working in.

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    Lastly make sure that you are able to identify the root cause of your hatred towards your job. If it is something which can be eliminated and is in your control then do it. And if it is something which is not in your control then deal with it psychologically.

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