How to Ask Your Boss for a Different Job

Many people get tired with doing the same type of work for many years and desperately want to change the nature of work. Doing the same work for years usually produce monotony and also creates hurdle in further learning and development of the employee. But changing a job is not that easy as you have no choice except talking to your boss about the problems you are facing in the current job. There are many employees who fail to take a different position within the organisation but there are also many people who love challenges an changing the position fascinate them as they intend to learn something new.

However, it all depends on the permission of boss who always shows reluctance in changing the position or work of his experienced employees. If you are sick and tired or your current tasks and want to get a position with different work nature within your current organisation, then you have to convince your boss with strong logic. You should ensure him that you will fulfil your job responsibilities in a much better manner if work in a different domain. Show your commitment to learn new things which will help you in earning the permission of your boss. If you do not know how to deal with this issue, then this article will give you a better idea of how to convince your boss to change your work.


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    First of all, mentally prepare yourself that you really want to change the nature of your job within the organisation. You should also know which kind of job you are looking forward in your organisation.

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    Before sending request to your boss, try to get information about everything of the job that you want to do. You should have a sound knowledge of how things work in that particular job or work that you want to do.

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    Have a face to face private meeting with your boss if possible. It will help you in telling him everything in a best way and you will also be able to answer his questions immediately. Face to face meeting will more likely bring you favourable results.

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    Let the boss know how you have fulfilled all of job responsibilities of your current job and ensure him that you will put even more effort in the new task that you want to work on.

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    Convince your boss that your current expertise will also help you in getting success in the new position and try your best to ensure him your dedication and commitment which will force him to think on your request.

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    Do not forget to tell him that you can become even more valuable asset by working on a different task. Make sure you have come to your boss with complete preparation which will help you getting desired outcome.

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