How to Be Successful in a Phone Interview

There are many types of interviews that companies take to hire individuals. There are panel interview, one-on-one interviews, group interviews and phone interviews. Phone interviews are generally taken when the candidate is in a different state or country. The employer will ask you a few questions over the phone and your fate will be decided on those few minutes of interaction. For some people, these types of interviews are relatively easy but some find them very difficult. There are a few things you need to care of when you are giving a phone interview.


  • 1

    Choose the best place

    You must look for the best place in the house for the interview. Select a place that has no noise whatsoever and no disturbances. If there is a home office in the house, this is the perfect time to use it. If there is noise in the background, the company will not get a good impression of you and it is unprofessional on your part also.

  • 2

    Gather all your documents

    You must gather all the documents that you feel may be used in the interview. Your degrees, resume, identification card or any diplomas could be the documents that the employer can ask about in the interview.

  • 3

    Be confident

    Try to sound confident throughout the course of the interview as that would give a great impression to the employer. Companies generally look for employees that are confident and have the answer to almost everything that is asked by the employer. So be prepared for anything.

  • 4

    Write down the obvious questions

    You must write down and prepare the most obvious questions before the interview. This includes questions such as your strengths, weaknesses, goals etc. You must write down these answers in bullets so that you explain it to the employer in your own words at the time of the interview.

  • 5

    Ask good questions

    Try to ask questions that may seem relevant and impressive. In this way, the employer will be able to learn about your potential and what you are capable of.

  • 6

    Follow up

    Never forget to follow up the company with a Thank You letter. It is extremely important and shows that you are interested in the job.

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