How to Make a Ball out Of Rubber Bands

If you have nothing to do, and you feel like doing something creative and full of fun, then you can go for making a rubber band ball. It is not that difficult, but you need a little concentration on it. By making a rubber band ball you can easily kill your time and relieve your stress and tensions by getting busy. The best thing is that by making this ball you are using a pile of rubber bands which are of no use.

Things Required:

– A small ball
– Lots of rubber bands


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    You can wrap rubber bands around a small bouncing ball. In case you do not have a small ball, you can take a tennis ball or you can just start with making a small sphere from paper or aluminium foil.

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    Keep wrapping rubber bands tightly all around the ball, until you cannot see it. Once you completed this step, throw the ball down to check out how much it can bounce or change its directions. You have to be careful, if you do not wrap it tightly the ball will not bounce perfectly. Start wrapping rubber bands again and maintain the balance in it. Do not stuff more rubber bands on one side, it will cause balancing issues when you spin or bounce the ball.

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    Use small rubber bands in the very beginning of making the ball, and later double up the size. If you want a big ball then you will need more rubber bands. This will get you a tougher and perfect ball, which is going to make your games more playful.

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    Use colourful rubber bands, it will make your ball look awesome and cool to play with. You can also dip your rubber bands in vinegar for a few minutes in order to get better results.

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