How to Deal with a Workaholic Boss

Working to earn your livelihood is an important part of life, but it should never make you compromise your personal life. At workplaces and offices, you would come across many bosses, who start off early in the morning and would work relentlessly until midnight. They might have their own reasons for that, but the situation gets awkward when they expect you to do the same. That is simply not on. Sure you can sit back late for a three to four days in a month, but when your boss wants you to make it a habit, something has to done. The kind of behaviour is quite common in the corporate world, but you have to be a survivor for the sake of your family life.


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    Know your job role

    The most important thing which you need to be sure of in any organization is your role. The exploitation starts when you as a professional don’t know where your limits are. When you are intentionally not being intimated about your set of responsibilities, make sure to ascertain them with your superior on a daily or weekly basis. This would stop your boss from stepping the line.

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    Be at the top of your game

    You have to be the hottest property in the office, professionally, for it will increase your worth and will give you a lot of leverage in terms of the way you want things to happen. Deliver results on time, if not beforehand, and ensure that you maintain a cordial relationship with everyone at your workplace.

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    Work like a bee during office hours

    While it is a bad thing to sit late hours at your workplace, it is even worse if you are not utilizing the office time properly. Manage the work at your pace, but ensure that the pace is high.

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    Switch the mobile phone off after working hours

    Immediate contact through mobile phones has become the biggest teaser for overworked employees. There will be some bosses, who would just not let your take a breather, and will keep on bugging you with calls during your personal time. The best bet to avoid all that is to switch your mobile off after working hours and if possible use another sim.

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    Resist the bullying of your boss

    There is a good chance that your workaholic boss would address you personally to force you into his kind of routine. Resist that at all cost. If you are good at what you do, he/she can only push to a certain limit.

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