How to Market a Catering Business

Catering can be a highly successful business given the number of events that are organised nowadays. A catering business can only be successful through good marketing. There are a host of catering businesses everywhere and to market your product well is vital. There is tough competition between businesses and the company that advertises its services in the best manner wins.

There are a host of ways to market the catering business which include developing an up-to-date website, offering referral programs, collaborations and advertising in local newspapers and magazines. If your product has the quality and is marketed well, there is a great chance of success.


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    Develop an impressive website

    Nowadays the most important part of a new business is the website. Internet has become a huge platform for businesses today and your company’s website can portray a very good message for prospective customers. If a customer just knows the name of your company and he searches it on the internet, the website can market the business in a very good way.

    A good website has all the information of the company and the arrangements so that the customer can make up his mind on the spot. He can contact you with the address mentioned on the site to set a date for a meeting

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    Offer a referral program

    A referral program is a very good technique to market your business. In this way, you and your current customer can benefit from a prospective deal. A customer would refer your name to someone he knows and you can offer him a commission for that.

    Another way would be to market your business at an event with the help of banners or brochures on the tables, and offer a discount to the person holding the event

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    Collaborate with different event management companies

    You can collaborate with different event management companies for different functions. For example, if your partnering company has two or three events in a week it can always refer you for one of them. In this way, there is always a chance of getting new events in the future

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    Advertise in newspapers and magazines

    Place ads in the local newspapers and lifestyle magazines to advertise your company. This will help in creating awareness of your company and offer discounts for a specific period of time to attract orders. Another way would be to put up posters in local restaurants to market the business

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