How to Survive a Job You Hate

A huge majority of people feel frustrated while doing a job they do not want to. However, they do the job for different reasons and most common one is that they cannot leave the job for having no better option. However, when one has no other option and has to stick around the current job he does not like, then he needs to try to find positive things in that job which will help him in getting motivation.

People who are working under stress or do not want to do a particular job should try to find another job. However, they have to find ways that could help them in looking at the positive things in the current job if they fail to search for a better option.

Surviving a job that you hate is something tricky and you have to find out what are the benefits of that particular job and you should also try to forget all other things that make you feel bad about that job. However, try to stick around the current job, even if you do not like it, until you find a better one.


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    First of all, you should focus on the benefits that you are getting from you current job. Instead of paying too much attention on the bad points of the job, try to think about the perks which will help you in eliminating or at least minimising bad feelings for the job.

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    Now you need to evaluate the main reason that why you do not like this job. Try to evaluate while remaining impartial and do not ignore any aspect of the job.

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    Try to find out the fact that your reasons are logical or there is a possibility that you can overcome the problems by putting in extra effort.

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    Your behaviour plays a vital role in surviving a job you hate as it makes it easy for you to get accommodated.

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    You need to find out that your colleagues are also in the same situation or not. Whether they also hate similar things at the office or not. If a few of them think otherwise, then you have to change your attitude towards those things.

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    Try to accept that every job has some good and some bad things as well. Try your best to turn bad things into good ones and be positive as it will help you in surviving your current job.

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