How to Direct a Video Shoot

Just like the script, post and acting in a shooting, directing is an important element as well. The director is the person who runs the entire show over a set, telling the people what to do and how to do. Shooting a video requires the director to have a deep understanding of the script, along with imagination and technical knowledge to get it done.


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    The first thing that you need to in order to direct a movie is to come up with the idea for the film. The idea you should come up with must have the capacity to create a strong script as well as thought provoking for the audience. This is not a Hollywood flick that should be filled with thrill, action and adventure. Instead try to compensate your lack of resource through a strong story line. Moreover you have to decide that whether you’ll be shooting for a short film, a feature film, a documentary, an advertisement or any other thing.

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    Once you’ve decided what you’re going to work on, you should have a well written script. You can either do this yourself or ask a friend who’s good at scriptwriting to do you the favour. Remember script is what explains the story, and in order to shoot the story you need a strong and well-defined script.

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    Develop a deep understand of the story, idea or concept you’re going to come up with. Keep in mind that you need to present the story in such a way that it captivates the audience. Try to visualize different scenes in your mind so that you know what you need to do when you start shooting the movie.

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    Try to understand the characters. You’ll need actors who can portray the desired roles in a way that the story requires them to. Searching for the actors might be a difficult task, but it’s something that needs to be done in order to create a great movie.

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    Storyboard the entire movie with respect to the script so you have an idea what needs to be shot for the film. The scenes you’ll shoot would then be sent for the purpose of post processing so that they can compile it up and create the designated story. Make sure that you always have more than necessary footage whenever you are shooting.

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