How To Be a Bouncer at a Strip Club

Salacious entertainment and strip clubs go hand in hand. It is a type of nightclub in which scantily clad or naked women dance in provocative positions with a lot of sex starved and perverted men staring their eyes out. In there, there can also be some guys just looking for fun, some about to get married and others just wanting to blow some steam off – no pun intended.

The constant here is that nearly everyone is drunk and the situation can become volatile in a spur of a second. This is exactly why it is a common practice for these clubs to hire some muscle men, more commonly known as bouncers. The main purpose of these bouncers is that order prevails at the club, and people can fulfil their fantasies without any disturbance.


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    Make sure that nobody brings firearms inside

    Strip club normally appoint their best bouncers at the gate. While one of the responsibilities is the proper identification of the person, the more important one is thorough checking of the individuals. Nobody carrying a fire arm or a deadly weapon like knife and blade should be allowed inside the establishment.

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    Prevent entry of underage people

    Most strip clubs have a strict policy when it comes to granting entrance to underage boys and girls. A bouncer should always check the identification of all individuals and if a person seems too young, he should ensure that his/her ID is not fake.

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    Keep the dancers safe

    When assigned on the floor, the bouncers have to ensure that nobody harasses the girls putting on the show. There should be no touching business, and it has to be made sure that people enjoy from distance.

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    Throw out the individuals who cross the line

    In a strip club, men can be involved in a lot of unethical practices – It will leave the details to your imagination. The bouncers have to make sure that all such people are thrown out at the first instant.

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    Stop fights

    When people are in strip clubs, they are drunk and have a lot of extra energy at their disposal. This can be a catalyst for fights. The bouncers have to keep a close eye on any situation that can erupt, and if incident just erupts, they should muscle out the fight immediately and throw out the individuals.

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