How to Greet a Table at a Restaurant

The hospitality industry revolves around etiquette, civility and respect. The customer is the king and given utmost respect. In a restaurant, one important component of service are the greetings the customers receive when they approach the table. The greetings make the first impression of the customer and count towards the whole service experience. A server should be a master in the art of greeting in a manner that wins over the hearts of the customers and make them want to return to your restaurant. Remember, you are not just selling the food; takeaways are made for the purpose. A restaurant sells its service, ambiance and experience.Our step by step guide teaches you how to guide a table at a restaurant.


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    Make sure that the first time you make contact with your customer, there is a smile on your face. It makes a huge difference as the customer feels welcomed and at peace. Guide the customers to their table and help them get seated. If there is a reservation, take them to the designated area. If there isn’t any, take them to a vacant at table. If there are no empty tables right now, inform the customers of the estimated wait time and take them to a waiting area.

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    After being seated, ask them if they would like a drink before starting. Apart from the alcoholic ones, do mention that you have other options like soda and lemon. Some customers will want to skip this part and proceed to ordering. Read their expressions and comply. Inform them of the day’s special and take the order accordingly. Do note down any special request or alteration to the food that they ask for, like extra cheese or sugar. These simple things are going to let your customers know that you care.

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    If the customers have to wait while the food is being prepared, make this wait easier for them. Do not ignore them during the period. Let them know of the time it is going to take so that they know the length of the wait and do not get impatient.

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    When the food is ready, make sure that you serve the right platter to the right table. It is a big turn off when you are served the food of the apposite table. While the guests are eating, remain at approachable distance so that you can be called easily when they need something.

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