How To Deal with Depression After Losing a Job

Having a job is important as it allows you to keep earning bread and butter for your family and dependents. However, the routine is a pretty hectic one, making a lot of people wish that they had no job to go to. Losing the job, on the other hand, is almost always very depressing as it puts a person under a great deal of stress. Finding a new job can take some time, which is why a person starts suffering from depression. It is important to deal with this depression in the right manner, as succumbing to the undesirable emotion will only cause the challenge of coping with joblessness and finding a new job become more testing.


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    Staying idle will only cause you to start thinking more about losing your job. Therefore, it is best to keep yourself busy and remain distracted. Watch a film or start playing some good game on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The idea here is not to waste time, but to keep your mind busy and curb the depression that may be slowly creeping up on you.

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    Go on long walks or try to take out time for jogging. Physical exercise will help you feel much better. It will help you to relieve anxiety by triggering the release of endorphins, which removes to relieve stress. The physical exertion will also help you to maintain your shape. There is no better time to spend a little time on keeping your body fit than the time when you do not have a job. A lot of people get little to no time to exercise because of their hectic work routine. Take advantage of the situation.

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    When you are depressed or sense that you are falling into it, it is best to find a loved one to talk to. Try to stay in the company of people whom you know for certain care about you and talk to them about your depression. Vent your feelings and emotions so that they get an even better idea of how to help you get out of it. Sharing your burden with your loved ones will make it feel lighter. Be completely open and honest about your feelings. Your family can prove to be your most effective source of comfort in testing times.

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    Surround yourself with friends and reconnect with them. The busy work life can often force you to somewhat neglect your friends as there is not enough free time to interact and socialise with them. With no job to go to, you will have sufficient time to meet them. They may also be able to help you get out of the depression and may offer you some sort of guidance. Some of them may even know of an employer or two that is hiring.

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