How to Write a Job Announcement

A job advertisement both explains a job and offers it (and the company) to prospective candidates. Well-written ads not only motivate their readers to send their applications but essentially encourage them to do so. They convey a message about the organisation and how the available place results in the organisation’s continuous progress. It is important that your job announcement is properly formatted and concise. Published and used by Human Resource interviewers and common supervisors as well, they can be as specific or unexplained and as brief or as lengthy as preferred.


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    Figure out how specific you wish your job posting to be. If posting the announcement online, find out if you can send people to other webpages via hyperlinks within the statement. This will help keep the posting short but allow people to get around to other webpages for information, if required.

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    Describe the organisation by composing a few phrases about the organisation's objective, what it has achieved in recent times and what it wishes to achieve in the next five to ten years.

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    Highlight the possibilities available to the applicant who is offered a place in the organisation (joining a top-quality group of experts, including to the organisation's success, experiencing a continuous salary increase and other benefits).

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    Carefully choose the job headline and the projects it includes. Begin phrases with "Duties consist of...," "Responsibilities are..." and "You will...." If possible, be brief when writing the job announcement.

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    Do not forget to indicate the qualifications required by using terms such as required, essential, needed, must and important. Qualifications are abilities, capabilities, experience and knowledge required to execute the projects described in the job posting. They are not actions but qualities required in the candidate (five years of experience in the civil engineering industry, a master’s degree in the civil engineer, a proven innovator or designer in the chemical engineering industry).

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    Always provide information such as the regional place of the job, the number of hours of work per the applicant will be expected to complete, a potential start time frame and an annual salary.

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    Tell the applicant the next steps such as what the application procedure is including sending the resume, cover mail, recommendations, examples, references. Ask the candidates to send their credentials either by post or an email. Provide the deadline for sending their applications, if possible. Contact the selected candidates by an email if they have the required qualifications.

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