How to Become a Draftsperson

Becoming a draftsperson takes some good drawing and analytical skills, but if you are just planning to start out in the field and have no expertise, you should know you can still learn and become successful.

A draftsperson has to be an expert in mechanical, architectural and electronic designs. Being good at drawing is a basic skill that you will need in order to start your career. When you master some basic architecture and drawing skills, you will be expected to expand or develop your talents on computer-based architecture software.


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    Hone basic skills required to become a draftsperson

    First, you need to hone your basic drawing skills. You do not have to be in to professional architecture to improve your basic drawing skills, just focus on creating hand-drawn pictures. You can start off with architecture drawing. Try to draw building projects as most draftspersons are expected to work in the field of construction. Concentration is the key to becoming a good draftsperson, so try to visualise sketches and different designs that reflect creativity.

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    Improve your computing skills

    You will be expected to implement most of the drawing and designing with the help of a computer if want to work for a company as a professional draftsperson. You may be pretty good at creating hand-drawn designs and structures, but in today’s world, about 90% of work is being done with the help of computer software and designing programmes. Take a graphic designing course, as it will help you learn a wide range of techniques. Specialise in CAD (Computer Aided Design) if you want to make your resume more powerful.

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    Go to college

    In order to make a strong foundation for your drafting career, you can register in a degree programme at a decent college. You don’t have to go to a brick and mortar college to get certification as you can take an online course. Most of the state-run colleges offer courses in drafting, architecture and design. Best of all, some of these colleges have their virtual campuses operating online for people who cannot afford to attend classes at the college.

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    Get some hands-on experience

    You can start out on your drafting career as a general draftsperson. Work with an architecture designer and try to gain as much experience as possible. Working with an individual designer that deals in smaller projects will give you more of a learning experience than a large company.

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