How to Become a PGA Teacher

Many golf lovers want to become professional players but there are only a few who manage to get recognition at professional level. However, there are many players also out there who want to set their career as PGA teachers which is one of the most exciting careers. Becoming a PGA teacher provides you an opportunity to stay attached with the game in an organised manner. However, to become a PGA teacher is not that simple as you have to fulfil certain requirements. Keep reading if you want to know about how to become a PGA teacher.


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    First of all, you need to search for a job with a PGA teacher or teaching professional. In this job, you will be fulfilling many responsibilities like assisting the club professionals, working with PGA pro and also with management of the club.

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    You should get yourself registered as an aspiring member of PGA by taking help from the PGA teaching professional you are working with because he/she can easily get you registered as a PGA.

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    After getting registered as a PGA, you should enter into a three-year certification program which is also called PGA’s apprentice program. In this program, you will study many myriad subjects including equipment making, public relations, rules of the game, event management and the like.

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    PGA’s apprentice program is not taught in an institution because it is a home-study course and you have to complete the preparation and pass the tests of all subjects within a period of three years.

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    The PGA’s apprentice program also includes a short training program and all registered PGA members who want to pass PGA’s apprentice program need to participate in this training session.

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    In the training session, PGA staff interview all members who want to become professional PGA teachers. All members are required to pass two exams in this training session. You have to pass one written exam and one practical exam on the golf course.

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    A comprehensive exam is conducted at the end of PGA’s apprentice program. This exam covers all topics of all subjects of this program and all aspiring professionals need to pass this exam in order to become PGA teachers.

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    After passing the comprehensive exam at the end of three-year course, all aspiring professionals can apply for getting membership of PGA and can become PGA teachers.

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