How to Choose a Resume Format

There are different formats of resumes available and all of them highlight different aspects of your career. It is really important to pick the right resume for a particular job.

Whatever format you choose, give facts and descriptions of what you did, how you did it and the results you got. Make your statements quantitative and specific. Avoid attributes like “hard working” and focus on facts. Give examples of specific accomplishments and include how, when and where you acquired the skills and how much experience you have with those skills.


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    If you have solid work experience with no gaps, then you can consider choosing a chronological resume. Chronological resumes have specific dates and places with the most recent first. This is the most traditional and reliable format to use.

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    A functional resume is gaining some popularity. This type of resume mainly focuses on qualifications, accomplishments and skills. It highlights skills and gives specific details about accomplishments using those skills. It’s a good format for more mature workers, who can focus their resume on their abilities rather than years. This can also be a good format for a college graduate, who can list the skills they learned and projects they accomplished with those skills. List 3-5 skills and give specific examples of what you did and what you accomplished. List the places you worked near the end of your resume, separate from your highlighted skills area.

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    A hybrid format is a combination of both functional information and chronological formats. This can be an excellent resume because it has the time-honoured traditional chronological job history plus a special focus area for highlighted skills. Put the skills first and then, follow with a chronological listing of experience. If this format requires more than one page, it is better to include everything you need rather than cut it short to fit everything on one page. Don’t be afraid to exceed one page.

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    A targeted resume is another type which you can choose. The targeted resume is written for a particular job or a specific career path. This is a good resume to create if you’re a jack of all trades but you want to highlight a specific skill to target a specific job.

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