How to Become a Bollywood Singer

Becoming a Bollywood singer is perhaps one of the easiest things in life. According to Pakistani singing sensation Atif Aslam, you don’t really need to have a lot of singing talent or need to go for training if you aspire to have a song in one of Yash Chopra’s or Yash Raj’s sequels. Although prerequisite of being a good singer is having a good sound training from an Ustaad, history of most of the Bollywood singers has shown that you don’t really need to have great vocals to become an instant hit.

Knowing the right people and doing the right things has done a world of good to many average singers in India. Bollywood is self-proclaimed to be as the equivalent of Hollywood but this statement is very deceiving to say the least. Unlike the Western movies, in which there is mostly a popular storyline, Bollywood movies are filled in with hours of music with the hero and heroine dancing in any place they can find to a song with rudimentary lyrics and a video that is largely filled with young girls wearing obscene dresses to increase their attraction to the audience.


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    Study Hindi. Bollywood films require you to have a strong understanding of this language. Studying street language would be excellent in order to be a big hit in India. Try having a cool name like, Munna Bhai, Circuit, Babu Jee in order to have this real gangster look about you even if you are not one.

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    Now that you have a cool name or as the Indians say, Ik Dum Udhham Name hay Bhaiii, try finding a girl who shares your passion to become a famous artist. If a girl is good at dancing and is not worried about the kind of dress she is wearing, she will definitely pair up well with you.

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    Try following the lyrics of singles like, Munni Badnam Hui Darling Tere Liay. Although the song does not make any sense whatsoever, the ‘tabooish’ sort of lyrics really raise all kinds of hormonal levels of the general public which is what you need most in order to become a successful Bollywood Singer.

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    If your song is ‘streetly’ enough and has beautiful women wearing minimum cloths, you will definitely be in line to earning a huge contract which will give you so much money that you won’t even know what to do with it.

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    If your voice is really bad, don’t worry. Most of the Indian singers use trance in their voice to cover up their weakness. As long as your lyrics are catchy and you have the right ‘equipment’ you will become a big thing in Bollywood.

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    If you are not an Indian national and know Urdu, you can come to India and become vulgar and you will surely be accepted by the singing and movie making gurus there who will further hone your talents.

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