How to Create a Training Program for New Employees

Developing a training program for new employees is perhaps one of the most important steps to ensure that they instantly integrate themselves into the organisation and can hit the ground running. The training is more of a guide and orientation process but has to be conducted on the first day.

This is a fairly basic induction process and training for each specific task that he or she has to perform can also be provided on the first day or over the course of his/her first week depending on the responsibilities.


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    The first step to the process is to meet the employee and welcome him or her both warmly and professionally. A solid handshake and a professional tone should be used. Talk as if you are proud of the company and how great it is to work there. This will give off a positive impression of the organisation. Remember to be honest and keep a friendly manner while welcoming a new employee.

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    Next show the new employee to their work station. Get him or her familiar with those in the neighbouring work stations. Introduce each person by name, designation and finally their responsibilities. Try to keep the atmosphere relaxed and casual. While introducing others remember to highlight any positive attributes they might have on a professional level.

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    Take the new employee on a tour of the office building. Pointing out where the refreshment areas, washrooms, conference rooms and other resources are. Also, introduce as many members of the staff and management team to the new employee as well. Point out where each employee and manager lies on the hierarchy and what he or she deals with. Always invite the new employee to ask as many questions that they might have. Try to answer as many of these questions as you possibly can.

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    Once the tour of the office is done, begin the training of the employee based on the tasks he or she will be performing. It is best to first demonstrate the process yourself before asking the employee to repeat it. Guide the employee as he or she makes themselves familiar with the work. Be sure to start off slow so that the trainee can absorb all of the information and duties.

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    Leave a list of numbers and contact details on which the employee should get in touch with if he or she has any issues. Try to be as accommodating as possible and let the new employee feel welcome.

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