How to Prepare For the Army PT Test

The army physical training test is solely used to test the muscular strength and endurance of an individual who wants to become a professional soldier. Basically it is based on three exercises ranging from sit-ups, push-ups and a two-mile run in which cardiovascular respiratory fitness of soldiers is truly tested. Though it looks easy on paper but in practicality you need a well organised training schedule to complete all three tough exercises. All three exercises are challenging but experts and former soldiers say that the two-mile run is the most difficult part of the army physical training test.


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    Know the purpose

    The key thing is to get to know the main purpose of the entire exercise. You should know and understand what is expected from you and why you have been selected in the first place to give this physical fitness test. Going into the army, it is one of the primary steps as you also need to be careful. The United States Army takes the test after determining the age and sex. You will also understand the points and grading system in this test. Initially 60 percent points are required to advance into the next level but as the exercises get tougher the percent of the points also increase.

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    Going online is also a very good factor to understand about the army physical fitness test. The above mentioned website is the officially website which gives you the entire details of the lengthy procedure. You need to see and read the website with care to understand all the key points as well.

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    Stretching and warming up before starting your practice

    It is very important that you should always stretch and warm up before starting your practice sessions of running, push ups and sit ups. Not only just giving physical training test but in all other types of physical endurance tests, warming up is very good idea as it will certainly give you enough boost.

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    Get help from professional soldiers

    Getting help from professional soldiers is also a very good thing to enhance your knowledge to prepare for the army physical training test. Professional soldiers always have something to share with youngsters having high aspirations to join the army.

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