How to Become a Patent Examiner

A patent examiner is the one who has a higher level of scientific and engineering knowledge and skills along with a bachelor’s or advanced degree in the relevant field. Considering that, a patent examiner completes formal education by studying maximum possible scientific and engineering subjects.

Usually patent examiners work at patent offices as top level employees in different regions of the world. The main duty of a patent examiner is to review or examine the patent application to determine whether the invention or innovative idea qualifies for compliance or not. Keep reading to learn how to become a patent examiner.


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    First of all, during your academics you need to study as many courses as possible relating to technology and science. Start taking these courses during your high school education to find a solid base.

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    Studying a well-rounded curriculum that includes many scientific and technological subjects will help you in getting a good knowledge of these areas which will help you to become a competent patent examiner.

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    You should complete your bachelor’s degree in microbiology, biochemistry, biology, physics or chemistry which will help you in getting scientific breakthroughs.

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    If you are interested in analysing and solving analytical problems then you should complete your bachelor’s degree in engineering.

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    The most beneficial areas of study for future patent examiners are nuclear, biomedical, biochemical and electrical engineering.

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    If you are expert in computer sciences and have completed your formal education in this specific area then you can become a patent examiner in the areas of inventions in information technology field.

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    For becoming a patent examiner in drug innovations, you need to take the courses in the area of pharmacology along with biology, medicine and veterinary studies.

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    The most competent and top patent examiners are those who have a sound knowledge of research strategies and you can also gain knowledge by using the library of information sciences in this regard.

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    After completing your formal education, you should apply for the position of a patent examiner at the Patent Office Professional Association that accepts patent examiners from all over the world.

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    You should select your area or areas of specialisation because different patent examiners deal with different types of innovative ideas of inventions. Make sure you choose a field that you think is according to your interest and passion.

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