How to Blow Off Steam at Work

Workplace can be quite a frustrating place if things do not go according to plan. In all fields of work, there comes a point, when you are on the cusp of losing control due to the incompetence and insubordination of the people around you. The pressures of work can also be quite overwhelming and extended hours without any appreciation can often result in you reaching the limit. However the key thing is to sit back and relax, allowing yourself some free time to get your act back together. This is of course easier said than done, but is not impossible. All you have to do is to make up your mind.


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    Drink cold water

    The first way to blow some steam off is to drink a cold glass of water. It has been proven medically that cold water is the best antidote to anger. This will also give you some time to think clearly.

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    Take a break

    When a particular situation forces you towards the boiling point, the best way is to disassociate yourself from it. Take a break, and ensure that you are away from the hassle of the workplace. This will help you to re-organize and find another angle to the whole issue, only this time with a clearer mind.

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    Talk to someone

    Everybody has some close friends at a workplace whom they can trust, at least in the professional matters. These friends come in really handy when you need to blow some steam off. Firstly, they would have a fair idea of what you are talking about and there might be a good possibility that he/she would have faced similar situations in the past.

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    Listen to music

    Music can go a long way in stimulating and relaxing your mind under stressful conditions. If the company rules allow, always keep a music source, like a mobile or mp3 player, around you. You never know when it may come in handy.

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    Indulge in some stretching and breathing exercise

    Doing some stretching exercise can also relax your body and mind.  You can find a vacant spot in the office and do some basic stretches. If that is not how you want to do it, an easier way is to do some prolonged breathing. Inhale a lot of air at once from the mouth, try to keep it in your system for a while, and let it go through the nose. Do this sequence for 10 minutes and you will be ready to go again.

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