How to Become a Fashion Designer

Fashion designing industry is expanding by the day with more and more people joining in every year to pursue their career as professional designers. If you are also looking to become a fashion designer, you should be aware that there are literally tens of thousands of ways to pursue your goals. Your chances of success are bright if you are creative enough to keep introducing something new. However, for those who want to get rich quickly there is no easy way. Competition in fashion designing industry is intense and finding a foothold as a well-known designer may take you many years.


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    Enrol in fashion designing course

    Enrol in a course at any accredited fashion designing school or institute. If you are having trouble finding a credible fashion institute, you can check with state colleges as they also offer multiple programs in fashion designing. If you enrol in a short course that may span half a year, you can at least show it on your resume as a proof that you are eligible to work for a professional designer. The course should be able to teach you basics of fabric, types of cloths, pattern cutting, dying, and sewing skills.

    Being a newbie, there are several things about fashion that you do not know and understanding them can decide your fate as a good designer in the future. This is why, you should educate yourself about fashion before jumping right in and invest.

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    Choose your niche

    Once you gain the basic understating (theory) of fashion through a short course or degree at a college, you can then choose your niche. Fashion industry is huge and there are several fields at your disposal. Ask yourself what field you are interested in the most.

    For example, the niches may include women’s evening wear, women’s daywear, lingerie, men’s undergarments, men’s evening wear, men’s daywear, knitwear, sportswear, clothing for outdoors, bridalwear, and kids’ wear.

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    Develop your skills

    Whatever you have learned at the short course or gained from somewhere else (a designer/videos/books), practice it at home. Develop your skills in pattern cutting, using different sewing machines.

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    Work with a professional designer

    Get in touch with someone who is already working in the industry. Working with a professional designer, as an internee, will help you learn things in a couple of months and will also broaden your horizon.

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    Establish your own designing business

    If you have enough cash and financial resources, you can set up your own designing business. Open a designer’s shop or a garment facility to manufacture your brand.

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