How to Find a Resident Manager

A resident manager is the person responsible to assist the residents of a multiple occupancy buildings. They play the role of a bridge between the building owner and residents. They handle the day-to-day management and help tenants to resolve different issues.

To make themselves accessible for everyone, they live in the same building as the employer provides them a free place to live. Having a resident manager can be a relief for you as you don’t need to put extra effort when seeking help. However, you should hire a competent resident manager otherwise things can go against you.


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    What do you want from your manager:

    First and the foremost thing is to find out what your manager will be responsible for. You can make a list of qualities that you want your manager to possess. This will make finding a suitable person a lot easier.

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    Decide their workplace:

    It is always better to make an administrative office of your resident manager in the same building. This not only makes things easy for the residents but it also helps the manager to respond quickly in case of any problem. Moreover, building owners also provide them room in the compound but if the resident manager already has a place to live then direct the person to carry a mobile phone during off-hours.

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    Contact an agency:

    You can seek help from some hiring agency as they always have many contacts. All you need is to tell them your requirements and they will send couple of candidates for interview. However, this can be little bit expensive as you will have to pay some fees for their services.

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    The alternative way to find a suitable resident manager is to advertise your job opening. You can use internet as there are many websites that provide you free space for ads. However, you can also do it with a low budget as local newspapers or cable TV channels do not charge much for such advertisements. Make sure that you are giving complete contact information otherwise it will be just a waste of money and time.

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    Conduct interview:

    Soon you will be getting calls so start doing interviews and shortlist the candidates. Check their references and job experience. Contact their previous employers and ask about their skills and performance. Call shortlisted candidates for the final interview and then pick the best one.

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