How to Become a Tour Guide at Disney World

Having a full time job working at Disney World is only something people can imagine and wish of doing, but only a few know that it certainly is a possibility. Being at the most fun place in the world all the time is surely to keep you happy, entertained and meeting new people from around the world continuously. Disney World is just one of the places where the fun and excitement never seem to come to an end and be it day or night, it just keeps on getting better.

If you are looking to become a tour guide at Disney World, there are a few things that you need to know to be on your way to the greatest place on this planet.


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    Choose Your Location

    Disney World is a huge place. There are rides everywhere and specialized areas which have different tour guides with sufficient knowledge about where they are working. Not every tour guide can work at every location is Disney World, which is why it is important to choose the location which you deem best for yourself and be ready to explain why.

    Sometimes that location may not be in need of any tour guides at the moment, which is why having a few backup choices ready to go is crucial.

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    Visit Disney Corporate

    Like all organizations, Disney also has its very own corporate headquarters, where all the great business minds come together to constantly discuss on how they can increase the excitement even further. By visiting Disney Corporate, you will be notified whether a job for a tour guide is available at the moment or not. Getting the adequate knowledge on what Disney looks for in a tour guide is also necessary to improve your chances of being hired and work towards fulfilling their requirements.

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    You may have the option to fill out the application there, at home or on the internet. This should be done after you know that all requirements are fulfilled by you and nothing is left out. After sending out the application, do not immediately contact Disney about it. Wait for a week or so to hear from them, than make the call, which will show that you certainly are willing to work for them.

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    Like any other interview, you should come at least 10 minutes before time to settle in and relax. Be dressed adequately and keep a smile on your face the whole time.

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