Ways to Make Money with Creative Writing Online

If you decide to quit the day job and start being freelance writer, there is no better time than now. You can build your career, write from home, enjoy it and make more money than at a typical job.


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    Set your goals

    In order to start this, you need to establish your goals and targets.  First, decide about your niche or the topics you actually looking forward to write about. If you don’t know what to choose, think about the topics that are covered by magazines. Initially you need to focus on your niche.  When you have done plenty of work there, you will become eye-catching to people who will wish to recruit you. They will know that you can write authoritatively about your topic and they’ll want to work with you.

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    Select a specific target

    The next step that you should do is targeting the companies in your niche. You can make a note or list of publications and companies that you would like you work with and carefully read their offerings.  After that, you should make another list with the topics that your selected publication or company is publishing. Include there the topics they cover, the number of interviewees in an article, the number of published articles on each issue and their titles.

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    Set a price

    And finally decide about the pricing for your work, Think about how much you are looking forward to earn as a freelance and then decide the rates, the hours and your possible annual income. Actually you can start with the latter and then go back to decide your hourly rate that you need so as to earn as planned.

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    Be your own boss and make money with creative writing

    When working as a freelance writer, you work for yourself. Getting paid for the projects you work is an important part of your business. But this is not a thing that just happens. You have to process your data, invoice the clients and ensure that you are paid for your work.
    There are some simple steps to follow in order to get promptly paid. Start with your contract. It does not need to be long; in fact it can only have a page, because people aren't enthusiastic to read all that legal stuff.  Insert some essential points, like the property of copyright that remains yours until paid in full and that the payment is due on the date from the invoice. Also you can mention the several revisions that you are willing to do and the way you want to communicate to the client.
    Always do your best to keep the deadlines intact and make no exception from it.  Most of freelancers think that the deadline date is the date that they should start working, not the day to complete it.
    Do not panic when clients pay slowly. Keep in touch with them, because there are a lot of reasons for this and you are alone not their only concern. Keep your invoice up-to-date and send them to the buyer whenever required.  After that, keep them sending weekly reminders and try to remain professional and polite all times. Promptly invoicing and proper follows-up will ensure you that all your clients will fulfill their payment obligations.

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