How to Hire a Fly Fishing Guide

If you want to go fly fishing with friends or family in an area which is relatively unknown to you then it might be a very good idea to hire a fly fishing guide. He or she will be in a good position to show you the best places to go fly fishing in a particular area. There are many different lakes, streams and waterways that might be good for fly fishing but if you hire a fly fishing guide they will be able to help you get to the right place for the best experience.


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    Visit local fishing shops:

    Take a trip to the nearest fishing shops where they sell all sorts of supplies and ask the manager or salesperson to help you find an experienced fly fishing guide for that particular area. He or she will be able to help you find someone or you might find a bulletin board at the shop that has listings of various guides offering their services.

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    Talk to others:

    Talk to other fly fishing enthusiasts as they might have previously used a fly fishing guide and will be able to give you some names of experience people. It is good to ask others as they will be able to help you find someone that is experienced in fly fishing and knows the best places to enjoy.

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    Check yellow pages:

    Go through the local yellow pages and you will find some listings of fly fishing guides in the area. Call them and ask for their rates and the different services that they offer. The yellow pages are a good resource when looking for local fly fishing guides.

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    Go online:

    You can also get a tremendous amount of information off the internet. Get online and you will find many different websites by fly fishing guides that are offering their services. Make a note of their contact information, experience and rates. There are many different resources that you will find on the internet to help you hire an experienced fly fishing guide.

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    Visit Parks Department:

    Take a trip to the Parks Department for the area that you want to go fly fishing and they will have some decent resources regarding the hiring of a fly fishing guide. This can be useful especially if you are going fly fishing in a state or federal park. The Parks Department will have brochures and other types of decent information that can help you find an experienced fly fishing guide to take you to the best spots in the park.

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