How to Behave In Your First Job

Our life is a continuation of milestones.

There is a time when we take out first steps, utter out first words, go to the school for the first time. Time passes on and we continue to overcome one stage after another till we finally find ourselves on the cusp of entering the professional life.

And just like other important occasions, we want the start of this phase of life to be special. It is that time when all the hard work you had put in ever since you were a kid is about to materialize, and you want things to be just perfect. But there are so many questions. How to dress, how to interact with other employees, how to behave and so on?

The bottom line is that you just want to break through the initial reservations and be the part of the system you are about to join, but the reality is entirely different.

And then the first day passes and you still feel that you need to be exemplary in your conduct so that the milestone which will be the launching pad of the professional career, pans out like a perfect picture. Behaving properly at your first job will give you the leverage to call the shots as you move forward in your career and will basically decide your reputation.


  • 1

    Know everything about the organization

    The first impression is the final one. When you are new at a job, especially when it is your first such experience, you have to ensure that everyone realises your competence. One of the most effective ways to do that is to stay in touch with all the happenings of the office, whether they are related to your particular niche or not. One way to do that is to set up a Google News Alert so that you stay in touch with all the developments at your organization.

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    Know about the competitors

    You also need to be aware of the developments in the companies which provide competition to your employer. It will help you to form a strong opinion and provide inputs when the need arises.

  • 3

    Be realistic

    Be realistic about your capabilities. Never commit to something which you cannot do.

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    Stretch the meaning of hard work

    You have to be willing to take that extra yard. Show your managers and bosses that you are exactly the one they needed and become an asset for the company.

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