How to Be a Radiology Nurse

Becoming a radiology nurse requires additional training on standard nursing training and certification, since it is more specialized field. A radiology nurse can also choose to be a radiology therapist or go into the field of diagnostic radiology. These specialized electives are chosen on the basic radiology training, which starts after standard nursing training. A training course in radiology nursing can be found online, although it might not be offered in all medical institutions. You will have to plan for the training and certification properly.


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    Think well in advance if you want to pursue radiology nursing as a career, and plan about training and certification program. Search information online or in the library about radiology and how one can join the profession and what is the career scope.

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    First of all you will need to enrol for the standard nursing course. The course can be done at your local teaching hospital, and its duration and cost can vary. Basic nursing training is necessary before applying for a specialized nursing field.

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    If you want, you can work as a standard or general nurse in your local hospital before enrolling for the radiology nursing course. It can help you get some experience, which can help in radiology specialized field.

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    Enrol for the radiology course in your local medical college or teaching hospital. Be assured you have to meet all their standard application requirements and have arranged financing to fund your training.

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    On completion of the course, you can get job in a radiology department in your local hospital. In addition to passing the standard radiology course, you can choose to be a radiology therapist or go into the field of diagnostic radiology. Both are specialized field and demanding to work in.

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    If you choose to go into diagnostic radiology, it involves diagnostic tests on patients. For example, MRI scan and CAT scan, and some other similar procedures are part of the radiology diagnostic field. You will be trained to read numbers and data in other forms from these machines, and determine a problem and scope of the problem in a patient.

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    In case you choose to join the field of radiology therapy, you can be doing chemotherapy and other radiation treatments. Generally, all these procedures are done on the patients who suffer from different types of cancer.

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    You keep on gaining knowledge and experience in your field. This will develop your career and you can effectively coordinate patients' needs with the doctors' services. The field of radiology nursing is more rewarding and passionate than other general nursing fields.

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